GEJ1: final results (February 2016)

Hello first year students!

Here are the final results of the February exam in GEJ1.

Click here to download PDF

The usual rules apply:

  1. in order to pass the written exam you must have at least 54.51% correct answers and you cannot have more than 3 negative points (negative points are the difference between the points you scored in a task and the minimum number of points in that task – for example, if the minimum in a task is 2 points and you scored 1.5 points, it means that you have 0.5 negative points, i.e. 0.5 points below the minimum)
  2. your total score for the entire course must be at least 54.51% (attendance (worth 15%), midterm 1 (worth 10%), midterm 2 (worth 20%) and written exam (worth 55%)): this means that you have to do your written exam extremely well  if your attendance and midterm scores are relatively low

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