GEJ1: final results (January 2016)

Praise the lord (of GoogleDrive) and hallelujah!

We finally accessed the files with your attendance records and managed to complete the results for the entire GEJ1 course. The download link is below.


We will sign your student ID books (“indeksi”) and write down your grades at the beginning of the summer semester, i.e. after the February examination period. If you want to show your grades to your loved ones or significant others (or your parents?), don’t worry: in a couple of days the grades should be visible in your online study portal (“studentski servis”).

If you have any questions or if you need some clarifications, drop us an email. You can find our email addresses in the final presentation, or at our Faculty’s website. We don’t want to mention them here, as evil online robots are constantly harvesting the web for email addresses to be spammed… Just having them listed at has given us more exclusive offers than we can handle in five lifetimes:(

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