GEJ results in October

Hi there, one and all!

Apologies for a delay in posting the results.  It was caused by issues with this blog: it was intermittently offline (I guess you noticed, if you tried to check the results) and I could not upload files and/or modify and add posts. It had to do with my hosting company and it seems to be resolved now.

Here are the results:

GEJ 1 in October 2015

GEJ 2 in October 2015

The usual rules apply: in order to pass the exam you must have at least 54.51% correct answers and you cannot have more than 2.5 negative points (the difference between the points you scored in a task and the minimum number of points in that task – if the minimum in a task is 2 points and you scored 1.5 points, that means that you have 0.5 negative points, i.e. the points below the minimum).


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