EJ1 in January and February: results

Here’s the table with roughly formatted EJ1 results from January and Fabruary. There are still some issues with Excel, so many rows are duplicated and the indicators of the term are slightly chaotic. I will try to fix it manually at a later day. Sorry about the delay. We are really sorry about this and we profusely apologise, but there were serious technical and organizational issues which we still haven’t fully rectified.

Now, this is very important: please bear in mind that the numbers in the columns “OJV1 FOR EJ1 MAX. 50” and “GEJ1 FOR EJ1 MAX. 50” are rounded by Excel.


We are not allowed to write decimal values into your student ID booklets. In other words, do not be fooled by the rounded number, e.g. 48 in that column may actually be 47.51. That is why it may at times seem that the maths for final grades is not OK (e.g. Petrovic Bojana got 46 in OJV1 and 41 in GEJ1, but her final score is not 87, but 88). Don’t worry. The calculations are OK: Excel is working with decimal numbers in the background, it just lists the rounded numbers. Most of the time it works to your advantage (e.g. in Bojana’s case), but there are also few instances where it works to your disadvantage (e.g. in Dragan’s case)

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